Dental care is an important part of creating optimal health. Just as it’s important to have checkups and visits with a medical doctor, it’s essential to regularly visit a dentist. Dental care provides many benefits to your health and happiness. At Paget Dental Group, we care about providing our patients with quality dental care that keeps them in their best state of health.

Checkups, cleanings and thorough exams help us maintain your oral health and prevent dental problems from developing. On the same note, catching problems in an early stage during these appointments allows us to treat the problem in a more efficient and cost-effective way. Regularly visiting the dentist helps create a positive experience of health and prevention, whereas avoiding the dentist can cause problems to develop and worsen. Avoidance can actually create the worst case scenarios so many people are afraid of.

At Paget Dental Group, we offer a full range of dental services so all of your family’s needs are met under one roof. We provide general dentistry and pediatric dentistry to care for your family’s oral health, as well as provide education and prevent problems. We also offer restorative and orthodontic treatments when you need a problem addressed to restore health and appearance. And cosmetic dentistry techniques allow us to improve the look of your smile and enhance your confidence.

A Positive Dental Experience
At Paget Dental Group, we know that many people are anxious or fearful about trips to the dentist. At the very least, they don’t find the idea of a visit fun. We aim to change these negative feelings about the dentist and create a positive experience for your whole family.

We have found many ways to achieve a better dentist experience. You can expect to enter a welcoming and comfortable office environment with friendly and compassionate staff members. We accommodate your busy lifestyle with extended hours and flexible scheduling, even offering same day appointments for emergencies. We also take dental insurance, offer specials and provide financing options to reduce the cost burden of proper dental care. Further, we follow an ethical approach that focuses on your needs over profits, finding ways to provide treatment in the least intensive manner and the fewest number of visits possible.

Once you’re in the dentist’s chair, we use additional ways to help you relax. During a pediatric visit, we create a calming atmosphere with amenities to make children feel more comfortable. We can also provide pain relief and sedation dentistry when the situation warrants it. For adults, we also offer pain relief and sedation to minimize pain and help you feel relaxed during your cleaning or treatment. Express your concerns and fears to us so we can address them and create a better experience.